Lera Dam Hydro

Lera Hydro Scheme is a 70kW scheme that was built on the Lera burn, in Glamis.  The scheme was designed by Highland Eco and we were contracted to complete all Civil Engineering aspects of the scheme, which included:

  • Constructing the Lochside Water Intake complete with Header Tank.
  • Installing 280 metres of 600mm diameter Twinwall pipework to a Secondary Header Tank.
  • Installing 400 metres of 560mm HDPE pipework and 60 metres of 500mm ductile iron pipework with a 30m head.
  • Installing the pipeline under the main trunk road.
  • Upgrading existing bridge to carry pipework.
  • Renovating existing Mill to become new Powerhouse and Tailrace.

The scheme has been running extremely successfully for the client and is thought to continue to do so for many years.  The water is passed through an Osberger Cross Flow Turbine, which generates the power for being sent back onto the National Grid.

Lera was particularly challenging due to both the need to construct the powerhouse within a listed mill and the crossing of the main carriageway.  The carriageway links Forfar to the west, therefore was extremely busy.  To overcome this we installed the pipework in two halves, ensuring the road remained open at all times.  The Mill had been in Glamis for many years and it was important to the estate that the character of the derelict building be restored.  Most excavating was done by hand and we took special care to not damage the features of the building.  We even managed to help install a small feature that would allow the existing mill to turn as an attraction for visitors.