Ardgour 2 Hydro Scheme

Ardgour 2 Hydro Scheme is a 50kW scheme with the potential of becoming a 100kW scheme. This is the 2nd scheme we had built for the estate in a matter of years. The scheme was designed by Campbell of Doune and we were contracted to complete all Civil Engineering aspects of the scheme, which included:

  • Constructing the In-River Water Intake, complete with Header-Tank.
  • Installing 650m of 355mm HDPE pipe and 220m of 350mm ductile iron pipe, with 100m head
  • Construct the Powerhouse, complete with Tailrace and Headwall.
  • Construct the reinforced concrete/blockwork Pigging Chamber.
  • Constructing a pipe bridge with access for quad bikes.

The scheme has been running extremely successfully for the client and it thought to continue to do so for many years. The water is passed through a Gilkes Turgo Turbine, which generates the power for being sent back onto the National Grid. The scheme was built with the ability to add a second turbine at a later date, this has now been done.